Saturday, August 1, 2009

Connect my dots

Been a Crazy weekend so far. Yesterday of course I stated my Day off at the DR (I will summarize at the end). Then John and I took Sarah and my Niece and Nephew to see Aliens in the Attic. Which I will say was Okay at best. Then we came back here and the kids had a sleepover (so it was a late night). I LOVE that our families live so close and Sarah is able to grow up with all of her cousins… Did you know that both of my parents are only children so I don’t have any 1st cousins.. Weird huh?

Today started with another Dr appt which went well. Then the highlight of the Day was Teresa Collins at my LSS Ruban Rouge. I got to spend the day with her!

Well me and 37 of my other classmates. We made a Friendship Album and a Recipe book (No pics yet). Teresa was so sweet. I don’t know how she does it all. She literally got off a CRUISE SHIP at the Port of Tampa after a week of being on vacation and came right to the store to teach all day classes! She brought one of her daughter’s, Taylor, who was as cute as she could be!

The IVF process is so much quicker this time. I know its cause I am on a different protocol this time but things are going great. My shots have been uneventful.. Except for the connect the dots game on my belly. Pardon my hands, they have permanent ink on them that I can't get off just yet!

I am getting really excited and anxious. They say everything is progressing nicely and that if I keep on this path that my egg aspiration will most likely be on Wednesday! WHOA!!! After my appt today, I was instructed to decrease my meds and go back in the morning (tomorrow will be the fifth day in a row) Here were my Dr Stats from yesterday and today:

Friday: Estrogen 925. Left Ovary – 16mm, 11mm and 4 other small ones. Right Ovary – 14mm, 11mm, 11mm 5 smaller ones. 5 units Lupron twice a day, 300 Gonal F, 1 Menapur,

Saturday: Estrogen 1324. Left Ovary – 16mm, 14mm and 4 other small ones. Right Ovary – 15mm, 13mm, 13mm, 11mm, 11mm and 3 smaller ones, 5 units Lupron twice a day, 225 Gonal F, 1 Menapur

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for taking a peek into my life!


Chrissy said...

I see a flexing arm when I connect the dots. ;-) Glad it's going so well. I'm available to watch Sarah anytime w/ all the dr visits.

Run DMT said...

Connect the dots...La la la...

I'm glad everything is progressing well. We're all rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow Erika! This week? How exciting! I think about you all the time!


Rita said...

My DH and I have tons of cousins, but our kids only have one. It makes me sad they won't have those experiences growing up. Good luck with your IVF procedures!

Anonymous said...

I hope to see that same belly shot in about 9 months, but with a BIG belly! ;) Thinking of you!


Zorina said...

I prayed for you yesterday when we went to hear mass. I'm glad the treatments are all going well. Goodluck this week, if it's really that soon. Wow! Take lots of rest and relaxation, ok?