Saturday, August 15, 2009

How is everyone’s weekend so far? Good? You already know my POAS was Negative today.. My weekend started Friday night with some scrapping with friends Jen and Kelly. Jen made a YUMMY dinner and the most AMAZING ice cream cake. I was so lame and unprepared for scrapping. I only got 1 layout done but I was happy to finish one of the projects from the Teresa Collins class – so that was good!

Today we went to our niece’s 1st birthday party. Fun times! Sarah loves playing with her cousins. The birthday girl REALLY got into her cake.. don’t ya think?
And that Tutu! Ahh..

Here is one with Sarah and her cousin (the birthday girl’s sister).
We love seeing the family and hanging out!

I forgot to mention that it was my week in a 3 week babysitting co-op. SO Tue-Th this week I babysat 5- 8 kids from 930a-1230p! It really was a blast. Friday I decided it was hair day. I wanted to give the boys spiky hair but most of the boys had hair that would not cooperate because of the length. My nephew's did good though. We still tried and then sprayed their hair green. Seriously, they all loved it! The girls weren’t interested in having green hair so we just put sparkles in theirs,

Fun week.. no major issues having all of those kids over. Really I am not kidding. What's new with you?


Chrissy said...

Love the green hair and fountains on the boys!

Nicole said...

Brave, brave girls you are! That's a lot of kid...

Leslie said...

Cute cue photos!
Still waiting for those photoshop actions.. hooker!

Kelly Noel said...

loving those hair pics! SO cute!