Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm getting stuff done!!!

Where does the time go? Really.. where? Anybody know?

Good news: I have been playing with the March Polka Dot Whimsy kit, pinwheels, and have been LOVING IT. I mean the colors are blowing my socks off. I have made 2 layouts so far. I'll show you some sneaks in a minute. So much fun new CHA stuff to create with. Ahhh.

I also painted the loft upstairs (Pottery Barn Hawthorne Yellow) and got the Gianormous Expedit from Ikea to rein in my stuff. the 25 cubbies are really helping me to get organized. We also got a desk for Sarah to put up there so she can have her own space...

I feel like I have been SOOO busy organizing lately, one of my goals for 2010. A few things that have been taking up all my time in the organizing area... labeling all of my scrap drawers and albums. purging my scrap supplies. At this point I think I have more to give away then I kept. ahhhh.

On the Sarah front.. all of a sudden she is going though this new "big girl" discovery. In the past week she has become obsessed with High School Musical, Kelly let us borrow the movie and she was reluctant to watch it but once we started she did not move a muscle.. she watching the entire thing in awe.. Yea.. she wants her 6th birthday to be High School Musical.
Another new discovery is American Girl Dolls. We got the catalog in the mail and she found the doll KIT that she was freaking out about cause the doll looks just like her (people have actually told me that before ). Those dolls are CRAZY expensive. She is currently working to earn the doll which according to my calculations will take anywhere from 2-4 months. I will post about that another day.. we have a whole system down for that.
She has also been jammin out to her CDs in her room. Taylor Swift is her Fav and I swears she knows all of the words.
Yesterday she told me she want to throw away all of her "baby toys" and get big girl toys. Huh? I think I will use this as an opportunity to clean out some of the crap I have been wanting to get rid of.... as far as the new toys.. I say "put it on your Christmas list".

don't grow up so fast.. please stop!

Monday, February 15, 2010


LOML. It's what John and I call each other... It stands for love of my life. That is truly what he is to me. I just had to mention that being that is was just Valentine's Day weekend and all.
Valentines Day is a busy one since it is also my birthday. I know, i know, I am so sweet aren't I - LOL!. IT still sounds weird to say I am 38. Weird I say. We had our big day of fun on Saturday. Sarah went to her Grammy's for the day and spent the night so we had ALL DAY to ourselves.

*We started at the Cinabistro in Hyde Park to see the movie Valentine's Day which was a really cute movie. It's not winning any awards but it was a fun lighthearted movie. We were able to enjoy some DELICH hummus, popcorn and beer while chillin sitting in these awesome comfy seats ahhh...

* Next we headed to Samari Blue for Sushi.. mmmm.. Had Mexican roll, Eel, and Japanese Tempura Bagel. we LOVE Sushi!

* Then we went to see Yonder Mountain Sting Band (I call them a Bluegrass jam band) at the Ritz in Ybor. What a super fun, energetic amazing show.

* Guess where we ended the evening?
WAFFLE HOUSE!!! LOL! We used to go there after many late nights so it was fun for us to revisit. Waffle House may be one of the best people watching ever! We had breakfast (12:30am) there. Never let's me down. extra crispy bacon is yummy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whimsy Wednesday

It's my turn to host Whimsy Wednesday over at Polka Dot Whimsy! Come over and take a look at what I came up with..... It's all about using an entire package of product in one go! Here is a peak of what you will see:Don't forget to upload your project on the PDW Ning Site for a chance to use a Whimsy Prize.

Monday, February 8, 2010


If you know my 5 year old you know she is a picky eater. I have NO idea where this came from as when I was her age I was ordering off the adult menu and most of the time something expensive like Lobster tail or steak! NO not her.. she likes PLAIN food and nothing mixed or touching - UGGG. When I cook dinner I cook ONE dinner. No short order cook here.. I have always been like that so I wonder why getting her to eat is such a struggle. We make her take one bite of everything and if she doesn't like it she doesn't have to eat any more.

SOOOO what I have learned to do is this.. Before I start on the recipe for the evening, I take a little bit of each ingredient and leave it out for her. For example the other night I made a Chicken biscuit casserole.. before I put it all together I cut up some chicken, took out a little of the frozen mixed veges and some shredded cheese and plated it up for her dinner. I then made the recipe and cooked it. When we sit down to eat she has to TRY what I made but then she has the plate of food that I had but together before I mixed it all together(all ingredients from our dinner).

Here you can see what Sarah's dinner looked like. The hubs and I also had salad but she doesn't eat lettuce so she just got the tomatoes.Here is what John and I ate.
I think this is working well for us.... it prevents A LOT of drama at the dinner table. She is still tasting new things since she still needs to have a bit of the main recipe.. and sometimes she likes it.. but not often.

I am ALL ears if anyone has a picky eater and has any suggestions for creating peace at the table!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Did everyone have a fun weekend? Ours was busy and fun! I was happy to get our Master bedroom closet cleaned out and organized. When it was all said and done we ended up with 6 garbage bags full of clothes and shoes to donate to charity! WOOHOO! We did a lot of hanging out with friends also which is always a guarantee for lots of laughs!

Polkadot Whimsy February kit went live on the 28th. Such cuteness! The design team did such a great job creating with the kit.. you are going to want one for yourself! Head on over and check it out! You should also come chat with us on the Ning social site. We have fun over there! Here are my layouts in full. Hope you like. I was a bit nervous since this is my first design team... Eeekkk. But I am already loving being a part of it and getting the chance to inspire others!