Wednesday, February 4, 2009

11 days, what a SLACKER

I posted 11 days of my 25 days of December.  What A SLACKER.  I really thought I had my stuff together, then....  I dropped the ball.  Oh well.. Now here is a promise I can keep....  I will blog when the mood is right :)  Who knows when that will be huh?

We have been having a great 2009 so far.  So far the highlight has been going to the Superbowl.  We are so lucky to have gotten to go and I am very grateful!  It was a 12 hour day of fun!  Even though I was 10 when I moved from Pittsburgh, I still have a love for the city and their teams.  It was great to be a Pittsburgh fan that day!  Take a look at the fun to be had!