Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looking for some strength

If you know me or have followed my blog you know the fertility heartache that John and I have gone through over the last 4 ½ years. We have done 3 unsuccessful IUIs, 2 successful IVFs both resulting in miscarriage and countless tests trying to find some sort of explanation as to why we are not able to have a second baby. All the tests have come back fine…. Nothing has ever been wrong with John or me…. UNTIL NOW. Over the last few months we have been gearing up to proceed with a third IVF (they say 3 is a charm ya know)… more tests… all fine….. Then I go for my regular blood work that I have done MANY time before that measures hormone levels. In the infertility world this is commonly known as day 3 blood work (it is done on day 3 of your period). My results came back... BAD… when I say bad I mean BAD. My FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone) came back CRAZY high. 22 to be exact. 10 is the high side of normal. This is the worst possible news that we could have gotten. A high FSH level indicates that I have poor ovarian reserve… which means I am no longer an IVF candidate. We are going to repeat the test on day 3 of my next 2 cycles. Let’s hope its lab error or a fluke…. Let’s hope and pray.

This all just went down right before our 4 day Springfest trip, which was a fantastic getaway. Now that we are back home, the reality has set in… we have LOTS of research to do as far as next steps…. And if Adoption wasn’t so expensive we would have been on the waiting list long ago. We will figure this out, I know we will.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Updates and backlog

I realized that I have a few layouts that I never shared. Figured you may want to take a peek. Enjoy! I created all of these layouts using Studio Calico Kits

An IVF Update: Our tests are finally done so that we can start the IVF process again. We will know the results of the last one in about a week. We are anticipating starting process in the next 60 days or so. We are SO ready. As I have said before we are NOT getting any younger. This will be our 3rd IVF attempt (the last 2 were successful but ended in miscarriage). Everyone keeps saying third times a charm. We always try to be positive.. so that is what we will do... STAY POSITIVE.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

paper pleasure

Here they are.... my Polka Dot Whimsy March layouts. How much fun this kit is to work with!!! Michelle at PDW does such a great job of putting together a fun and different kit... a great mix of super hot and trendy products as well as unique, fun different supplies... How about those fun flowers I made in the Mom layout!. 1 of the flowers are made with paper, 1 with fabric and 1 with ribbon. Yep.. I made all 3 of those pretty little things! I used the tutorial at this cute blog . It's my first time making them so be gentle! I hope to get a few more projects done with the March kit before April's comes knockin on my door. I am so sorry for the wonky photos.. we are having some camera issues... we really need to take it to the shop.A few more layouts to share. This time Lily Bee. I can't wait to get my hands on their new CHA lines but for now I have fun what I have.

We are going out to dinner tonight with my mom and Joe for a late birthday dinner. I am looking forward to it as it's a local non chain eatery in Tampa that we have never been to. I love trying new places!