Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm getting stuff done!!!

Where does the time go? Really.. where? Anybody know?

Good news: I have been playing with the March Polka Dot Whimsy kit, pinwheels, and have been LOVING IT. I mean the colors are blowing my socks off. I have made 2 layouts so far. I'll show you some sneaks in a minute. So much fun new CHA stuff to create with. Ahhh.

I also painted the loft upstairs (Pottery Barn Hawthorne Yellow) and got the Gianormous Expedit from Ikea to rein in my stuff. the 25 cubbies are really helping me to get organized. We also got a desk for Sarah to put up there so she can have her own space...

I feel like I have been SOOO busy organizing lately, one of my goals for 2010. A few things that have been taking up all my time in the organizing area... labeling all of my scrap drawers and albums. purging my scrap supplies. At this point I think I have more to give away then I kept. ahhhh.

On the Sarah front.. all of a sudden she is going though this new "big girl" discovery. In the past week she has become obsessed with High School Musical, Kelly let us borrow the movie and she was reluctant to watch it but once we started she did not move a muscle.. she watching the entire thing in awe.. Yea.. she wants her 6th birthday to be High School Musical.
Another new discovery is American Girl Dolls. We got the catalog in the mail and she found the doll KIT that she was freaking out about cause the doll looks just like her (people have actually told me that before ). Those dolls are CRAZY expensive. She is currently working to earn the doll which according to my calculations will take anywhere from 2-4 months. I will post about that another day.. we have a whole system down for that.
She has also been jammin out to her CDs in her room. Taylor Swift is her Fav and I swears she knows all of the words.
Yesterday she told me she want to throw away all of her "baby toys" and get big girl toys. Huh? I think I will use this as an opportunity to clean out some of the crap I have been wanting to get rid of.... as far as the new toys.. I say "put it on your Christmas list".

don't grow up so fast.. please stop!


Nicole said...

girl, i feel for you on the American Girl doll front, lol...luckily, we have convinced Allie that it is WAAAAAAAAY more fun to ONLY shop for her 'Just Like Me' AG doll AT the actual store...heeeeeee. so it limits her to circling items she wanst in the catalog until we visit family in Chicago and go to the store there, lol.

karen elizabeth mataraza said...

yup...lovin the kit. it's fabulous! i want to wallpaper my scrappy room with it. idea? lol!

can't wait to see your scrap space. those cubbies...yummy!

Kelly Noel said...

can you come over here and organize my scraproom too? ;) so glad sarah liked HSM!! you can borrow the second and third ones now too :)

Jacquie said...

Can you come and organize me? LOL. Seriously your sneaks are really awesome, and I LOVE those flowers you made.

Jen A said...

Hannah is addicted to the American Girl catalog too. It's like the find out who the 4 year old girls are and mail them to their parents. smart smart company. I do like that they have stories/books to go with them but they are so expensive!