Monday, February 8, 2010


If you know my 5 year old you know she is a picky eater. I have NO idea where this came from as when I was her age I was ordering off the adult menu and most of the time something expensive like Lobster tail or steak! NO not her.. she likes PLAIN food and nothing mixed or touching - UGGG. When I cook dinner I cook ONE dinner. No short order cook here.. I have always been like that so I wonder why getting her to eat is such a struggle. We make her take one bite of everything and if she doesn't like it she doesn't have to eat any more.

SOOOO what I have learned to do is this.. Before I start on the recipe for the evening, I take a little bit of each ingredient and leave it out for her. For example the other night I made a Chicken biscuit casserole.. before I put it all together I cut up some chicken, took out a little of the frozen mixed veges and some shredded cheese and plated it up for her dinner. I then made the recipe and cooked it. When we sit down to eat she has to TRY what I made but then she has the plate of food that I had but together before I mixed it all together(all ingredients from our dinner).

Here you can see what Sarah's dinner looked like. The hubs and I also had salad but she doesn't eat lettuce so she just got the tomatoes.Here is what John and I ate.
I think this is working well for us.... it prevents A LOT of drama at the dinner table. She is still tasting new things since she still needs to have a bit of the main recipe.. and sometimes she likes it.. but not often.

I am ALL ears if anyone has a picky eater and has any suggestions for creating peace at the table!


lisa truesdell said...

ugh. my middlest is WAAAAAAAAAAAY picky, too. love this approach.

Leslie said...

Well..I suppose you could starve her..but we all know how hard headed she is and she would probably not eat for days just to spite you. SO I think the deconstructed dinner is a good idea

Christa said...

We must have the same 5 year old because ours is the same way!! Dinner is not very fun some nights.
Hopefully this works and it is less dramatic at dinner for you!