Tuesday, August 11, 2009

PLEASE do not try this at home.

1DP5DT UPDATE (that means 1 day post 5 day transfer) Yesterday’s transfer went just lovely. I took a valium so to say I was relaxed is an understatement! The only part that was a little sad for me was that out of our 8.. Only 3 made it to day 5 – which is great since that is all we wanted to put it. But their grading wasn’t the greatest either. Since they are Blasocysts, the grading system is different and harder for me to understand what it all means if you feel like reading up on it, you can do so here. But our 3 were graded like this, 2BA, 2CB, 1CC.. So not the best but still totally viable! So we continue to pray, pray and pray some more, and we would love it if you would too! We got home about 9:45 yesterday morning and I proceeded to Sleep ALL DAY. Seriously, the Valium knocked me out! Then I slept through the night with no problems and that brings me to today. I feel great.. Refreshed and ready to wait until the 21st for my BETA Prego test.

What I am about to say may be hazzardess to your well being, sanity and overall health – but not mine because I am a FREAK – OCD, worry wart and this actually makes it easier on me.. But please, don’t try this at home! I PEE ON A STICK EVERY DAY! I know you are SOOO not supposed to for sanity purposes. The Trigger shot that I took 3 days before the egg aspiration is the pregnancy hormone HCG – that hormone stays in your system for a little while (7-14 days). Stay with me here people…. If you start POAS before the HCG shot is out of your system you will get a positive test. SOOO, I test until I see a negative (that way I know it’s gone) Then if the test turns positive again then I know I am Prego (for that moment at least). It has been 7 days since my HCG shot and my first POAS result was negative which means it is out of my system.. Every morning I will pee on my stick with the hopes of 2 lines!

SCRAPPY - Here are a few layouts I have done the last few days. The first one was for a Challenge over at BASB . The challenge was to use a peice of memorabilia on your page.
The LO was for a challenge that Heidi Sonobol posted over at Studio Calico. You had to use 7 or more photos on pne page.

Thanks for reading my LONG and winding post.. I will keep you posted on my POAS results!


Sasha said...

I am so happy for you and the layouts are GAWJUSS girl .. love all the details ..

thanks for stoppin by my blog

Chrissy said...

Good luck with POAS. :-)

Allison W. said...

You are going to drive yourself crazy, but I would so do the same! Good luck!!!

Run DMT said...

Always praying for you.

Love the new layouts! I am glad to see you branching out and scrapping your adult fun too. ;-)

Zorina said...

I'm hear to pray, pray for you. God hear us. Trust me on that one!
Goodluck and just ping me anytime you needed to vent from now til the 21st.
I want YOU pregnant, GF!!!

Zorina said...

and btw... cute LOs you did there! loves me more SC kit...i received my box just yesterday. yeah!cant wait to play with it but first I must find some creative mojo.

Kelly Noel said...

lol. POAS is the funniest acronym ever! hahahaha. anyway, you know i'm already praying for you and can't wait to get that phone call that you got a positive test after POAS!!! :)
love the layouts!!!! :)

Susan Beth said...

I don't think I could have handled the POAS routine you are doing, but when I was in your stage of IVF I walked every day, touching my lower abdomen and talking to the babies - encouraging them to latch and hang on with all their might. So, who am I to say what you are doing is strange. The 21st isn't so very far away, but it must feel like it to you.