Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last night I went out to a great local restaurant with 16 fabulous woman for our Mystery Mom Reveal Party. You know who my Mystery Mom was?? The fabulous Nicole:

and she was SO good to me. Let me explain the Mystery Mom program. Here is the description that is on our Mom’s group website:

Interested in getting spoiled by a fellow member, doing the same for someone else and doing it all anonymously? Then Mystery Mom is perfect for you! You will be assigned a mom to spoil and a mom will be assigned to you to fill your days will happiness. Guidelines for Participation

* Send at least one email per week (You will create a special mystery mom email.)
* Send something Via mail or delivery at least once a week
* Spend at least $5 but NO MORE than $10 per week on your Mystery Mom (final gift to be valued at $20)
* Communicate with the Mystery Mom that is assigned to you, when she does something nice for you let her know you appreciate it!* Remain anonymous
* Have fun. Get Spoiled. Be spoiled. Learn about other moms in the group. It was so much fun!

Over the six weeks, Nicole got me some pretty fantastic stuff. I think my 2 favorites were the homemade key lime cheesecake and the card with the $10 drinking money in it because she knew I was going out that night! My final gift was a gift card to my LSS Ruban Rouge where I will GLADLY go spend every penny! Thanks Nicole – You rock. If you live near Tampa, she makes a mean cupcake and has a great little business going on check her out,
The lovely lady I got to spoil was Deanna (that's her on the left and me on the right) -I had such a BLAST! I think my favorite thing I got her was Her final gift. It was this cool necklace that I got from Tiny Tokens Designs on Etsy! I think she loved it

Lots of people are asking how I am feeling.... Today I actually feel great but Sunday night through last night I had a MAJOR headache.. the kind that makes you nauseous - it wasn't a migraine but it was pretty close. I felt so yucky. I took Tylenol since that is all I am allowed to take but really the only thing that works for me is Advil so I suffered through. Other than that I feel fine - just WAY tired. I am still taking those LOVELY Progesterone shots in my butt with that 1 1/2 inch needle (don't be jealous). Friday is my BETA and I am counting down the hours! T minus 47 hours to go.

** photos from the evening courtesy of Denise (run DMT)


Rita said...

I love the idea of Mystery Moms!! I'm going to have to share that with my moms group! Good luck w/your beta test on Friday!

Mia C. said...

That's a neat idea! Love that necklace btw!

Deanna said...

Yes!! I love love love the necklace. Thanks again it was so much fun. Deanna

Zorina said...

Party time with mommies sound good to me! Glad you are enjoying some time with friends, you take care though, k? Hugs to yah!

Denise said...

Mystery Moms sounds like a blast! I love that it is anonymous and you get presents as well as give. Very cool! The necklace you gave is awesome! Lucky girl. :o)

I hope those headaches stay away!

Amy Coose said...

I love that idea!! We mom's need all the extra lovin' we can get. Congrats again, I am so happy for ya!

Kelly Noel said...

it was SO much fun! :)