Monday, August 24, 2009

Look at your own Risk

I did this LO for the BASB challenge that had to be about our own school memories. Alright so this layout did not turn out how I would have liked it too but I still had to post it here because of it's sheer ridiculousness. I will let the picture and journaling tell the story
Journaling reads: It's bad enough being in Junior High but having this hair cut also! All I know is I hated it! I remember how mortified I was to see these pictures. SO embarrassing. It is the LAST time my hair was short AND Note to self" if I ever have the desire to cut my hair short again, i just need to look a t these pictures to remember that it's a BAD idea! 9th Grade - 1986
I mean really - who thought this would be a good idea????? MOM?????

Update on me: Tomorrow is my Second BETA test - I pray my numbers look good. I have to say I have been very nervous and "uneasy". I will feel better after the call tomorrow. Some other things to note. My Progesterone shots have really been hurting me the last few days. I actually woke up in the middle of the night a few night ago almost in tears. My butt/leg hurt so bad. I came downstairs and put a heating pad on it but OUCH. They are not fun, they weren't bad last year so I don't know what is up. On the up side I haven't had any headaches in a week - WHEW! Loving that! Check back tomorrow to see how my visit went!


*reyanna klein* said...

Thanks so much for laughing with me. Yes, I was laughing. I still am! It *was* a sight to see. I was glad my co-workers (and managers...) could laugh with me as well. :)

Cute layout! Your hair! LOL. I'm laughing *with* you too. ;) My 3rd grade photo is the one where I'm like, "What the heck?!?!? I look ridiculous!" LOL.

And you'll be in my prayers for the BETA test! Keep hold, little embryos! KEEP HOLD! :)

Allison said...

Oh no, I'm sorry the shots are hurting. I hope your numbers are GREAT and you can settle some of your unease.

Your LO is soo funny! Love those pictures.

vtpuggirl said...

That's some 80's hair you got there! Seriously cute layout though. Hang in there with the shots, all the best to you while trying!

JDS said...

Wasn't just you my dear, I remember seeing quite a few of those haircuts wandering school hallways in the 80's...but mostly, I'm praying and crossing fingers for us tomorrow - "5683"

Leslie said...

That hair is sooo high..and the side bang thing...HOT!

lisa truesdell said...

rocking hair. ;) sending lots of happy thoughts for tomorrow's numbers!!

Sasha said...

haha.. wow .. that is some hair .. I would have piggy tails and braids stuff all over for me ..

at least you scrapped it ..

sucks about your shots girl ..dang .. think ice cream maybe .. but still I feel for ya ..

Zorina said...

goodluck, goodluck, goodluck to you! you'd do fine, that's for sure. sorry to hear those progesterone shots are such a painful deal nowadays. take care of yourself.

dawn said...

Great LO! The hair? LOL! We have ALL been there!
Best of luck today. I hope all goes well. :-)

Denise said...

Oh boy. I feel you about your hair. I had the same hair cut in my senior portrait. I ask myself where was everybody when I was getting it cut. I am sure they were outside laughing their butts off. Thanks for joining in on the challenge. It has been fun looking back on everybody's school days. :o)

KateB said...

I think you were very cute in 8th grade...many of us probably were but I blame it entirely on the hairstylists! THey just couldn't cut hair like they do today..I chose to scrapbook a much "younger" pic when I was still cute!

good luck with everything else this week!

KateB coming over from BASB (I think)