Thursday, August 6, 2009

How many eggs?

Monday night my HCG shot went perfectly fine. I put an ice pack on for 15 minutes, then John shot me up, then I put a heating pad on it. I am serious when I say I did not feel a thing! And that needle was 1 112 inches long, 22 gauges – BIG.

Today’s aspiration went FANTASTIC! I went to the surgery center, got nudie, put on my gown and they put my IV in. So far so good. They gave me warm blankets to cause you know how cold those places can get. The Dr and OR nurse both mentioned from looking at my chart that they thought they would get 7 eggs. They then walked me back to the operation room, I took my place on the comfy table (no really it was) and that is all I remember of that (I guess the procedure was about 15-20 minutes).

Next thing I knew I was in recovery with John by my side. I was in some pain so they gave me some Demerol which helped. Then I found out the good news that they got 9 eggs!!!! We were so excited! I stayed in the recovery room (mostly out of it) for an hour then the wheeled me out to the car for my ride home. I have been on the couch since then.. John has been AWESOME bringing me food, water and my Tylenol with codeine. I am feeling okay. Just sore and still a little loopy. Now we wait for the call tomorrow to see how many fertilized. Remember my timeline? Here is what is left of it:

Thursday: Find out how many eggs fertilized (impatiently wait by the phone). And I start my Progesterone injections in my ass with that HUGE needle>

Friday: check on status on fertilized eggs and determine 3 or 5 day transfer

Sat or Mon – TRANSFER 3 embryos back to their home

2 weeks later Pregnancy test!

Thanks for every one's support! This is an emotional and exciting time for us! Hugs to all!


Kelly Noel said...

oh my goodness, i can hardly stand the excitement!! i'm praying you get a very happy phone call soon!

*reyanna klein* said...

This is really exciting! I SO hope they take. Yay. :) And thank you for the breakdown/timeline. My sister just went through this (she's trying to be a surrogate), so I really enjoy all the info. It's very interesting. :)

Your family will be in my prayers!

Susan Beth said...

I'm here from Studio Calico, I've got one IVF child (took us 5 cycles to get there), and I know of what you speak. The next two weeks are so great and long and exciting and hopeful and nerve wracking! Enjoy them as you can, and I pray for good results.

Tonya said...

Best of luck!!!! Hope to hear some good news soon!!!

Allison Waken said...

Wow that's a huge needle! I'm glad you didn't feel too much. 9 eggs is great news! Thanks for typing out your journey so we can go along with you.

Chrissy said...

I'm happy you got so many eggs! I have a good feeling about this time!

Zorina said...

Wonderful..... Just wonderful news!! I love this types of news. I'll keep on praying for you, my dear. Take care and ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to say Hello!! :) I'm thinking of you and love you!!!
Stay positive and I say a little prayer for you!!!