Thursday, July 30, 2009

Phew, I'm back.

You know.. I love technology but when it decides to bite you in the ass it really SUCKS. I was without Internet all last night.. my PRIME browsing, updating, blogging, and commenting time of the day. UGG. Seriously, how can being OFFLINE for only 14 hours cripple me so much. It took me all morning but I was a genius and fixed it myself. oh yea, don't be jealous, I can scrap, give myself shots AND set up a new wireless home network. Don't hate peeps, don't hate. Like I say... Jack of ALL trades.. Master of NONE! - LOL!

So my ultrasound appointment went "as to be expected". That is what they told me anyways. So after 4 days on STIM drugs, I have 6 follicles on each ovary and my Estrogen level was 318. They told me this is an improvement over my last IVF cycle (last time after 5 days of STIM meds my Estrogen was only 39) The follicles are all still under 12MM so they don't start measuring yet. My enometrium looks FAB (I can't remember the number, does 10 sound right?). . My instructions were to continue Lupron 5 units twice a day, 375 Gonal-F, and 1 vial Menapur for 2 nights. I go back for another (excuse my french) - dildo cam and bloodwork on Friday morning to check progress.

I got so much done yesterday in general... went to the doctor, went to Publix. Watched Kelly's boys all day (from 10a -4:30p) while she is gallivanting around CHA. Made the Pioneer Woman's Chicken spaghetti, watched So you think you can Dance and enjoyed having Suzie and Kevin to come over to watch it with us. I love days like that. When Kelly's 2 year old was taking his nap, it was rough trying to keep Sarah and Jackson from being wild.. but we all managed with a little Tom and Jerry and handheld video games. Here there are as cute as can be!


Zorina said...

Hehehe! I can never be like you...into fixing computer problems. I'm that clueless/dumb gal on any techy issues even though i've been working at a high-tech company in Silicon Valley.

Glad to know it's all going very well, girlie! Woot!

Denise said...

Life without the internet/email/computer is a complete and utter challenge. I almost want to buy a back up generator just for this, but my neighborhood, friends and family would laugh at me. :o)

Carrie said...

That is a great report! I remember counting the follicles all too well. You are getting there!

Thanks for stopping by my blog- I really don't think my hair is looking so hot these days so THANK you!

Hope you and the little one are staying cool in the heat.

Chrissy said...

I know how you feel without the computer! AHHH That was a busy day. I guess it's hard to nap when you're at someone else's house. ;-)

Run DMT said...

And Tom and Jerry didn't make them more wild??? Wow. Good to know. I usually don't allow the girls to watch it, because Emmalynn is violent enough with out being exposed to such programming.

Note to self...No more Dragon Tales to calm my children. They should watch Tom and Jerry instead.

Kelly Noel said...

lol, i'm laughing at chrissy and denise's comments. heeee! thanks again for watching my time i'll take you with me! ;)
those pics are the cutest...and are they sharing a blanket?! so sweet!