Friday, July 24, 2009

The beginning

The beginning. The beginning of shots, the beginning of doctor visits, the beginning of being so uncomfortable because of my HUGE ovaries. The beginning of hope , the beginning of happiness, the beginning of LIFE.

It took awhile for us to get to this point, to be ready to go through the emotional toll that the IVF process takes on us. But I am so ready, WE are so ready! Ready to get this started AND get this over with. I am so excited for the upcoming weeks that it will be hard to focus on much else… but I will. Things are good.

Yesterday was the Baseline Doctor appt (bloodwork and Ultrasound). Everything looked good so I got the go ahead to start the meds. My first med is called Lupron which keeps me from ovulating. I took one injection last night and 2 today. Tomorrow I will add the injection medications Menopur and Gonal-F which will stimulate my ovaries and “beef” them up. So that means 4 shots a day until Wednesday when I go back to the Doctor for them to check my progress.

The shots are actually really easy (at least these ones). They are small needles that I take in my stomach. I barely feel them. So far the only side effect I have had from the Lupron is hot flashes… so crazy. One minute you are fine the next minute you feel like you stepped out of a sauna.

On a scrap note, I am so excited to be going to my local scrapbook store Rubon Rouge tomorrow to take a class from the FAB Tim Holtz. I am really lucky and honored to have the opportunity to take one of his classes. I will post pics of the project when I complete it.

I have been scrapping a lot more lately.. my MOJO has been flowing! Here is a recent layout I did of Sarah and her friend Allana (you can see her Mom’s Blog Run DMT here)

Thanks for stopping by. I will keep you posted on my progress.


Run DMT said...

I am praying for you every day. Love you, girl! xoxoxox

And that scrap page is adorable! You are so amazing! :-)

Anonymous said...

I wish both you and John, the best of luck I know this has been tough on you know we love you both(and Sara too)!!