Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A toot and my ovaries

I entered a scrapbooking contest a few weeks ago at a really cool online scrapbook store. Here is what the contest read:
StopAndScrap.com is putting together our first ever design contest! We're looking for 10 people who would like to design a sample layout using one of the new My Mind's Eye collections. As a VIP retailer, we received samples of each of the new collections so each winner will receive their free bundle
well before these hit the street! The best of the 10 will get a $50 StopAndScrap.com Gift Certificate!
I had to submit 3 layouts to be considered. Here is what I submitted:
So I got chosen as one of the 10 finalists! I was SO excited!! I received My Minds Eye Abby Road new release a bundle a and have been working on my project to submit which is due on Friday. Cross your fingers for me, I have never won a scrap contest and if I win this, I get a $50 Stop and Scrap gift card - WOO-HOO . Keep your fingers crossed. You should really check out Stopandscrap.com. They always have the best new releases and awesome discounts for pre-orders :)

My ovaries are there - I feel them.. oh yea - the meds are FOR SURE working cause I can feel my ovaries growing - no really, I can! :) For all of you that know the lingo I am currently taking 375 Gonal-F, 1 vial Menapor and 10 units Lupron daily. I go to the doctor at 7:15am tomorrow for a ultrasound to check my progress. I will let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

How was your appt this morning?? BTW...your scrapping is amazing!


Zorina said...

Yay for winning! Gorgeous layouts... I love My Mind's EYe. I can be your cheerleader. :-)

How did your Appt go? I get all the lingo. I'm so happy I found you on SC board, we can talk offline too. I'll email u soon. I will def. include u in my prayer askings nightly ;-))

I'm on birth control pills at the moment and waiting for my prescriptions to arrive. Calendar/timeline still yet to be figured out soon. Thx for reading my blog, still not decided if I should blog about the "not so fun part of my life". Teehee!

Chrissy said...

Great pages! Congrats on being in the top 10. Good luck in the next round.

Run DMT said...

Congrats on winning your contest! Now, the world will see how creative and talented we all know you to be! xox