Sunday, July 26, 2009

Distress me!

WOW. That is all I can say about Tim Holtz. Not only is he amazingly talented he is super nice. I was SOOOOOOOOOO fortunate to get to attend his Patchwork Pandemonium class. The only thing I regret was not signing up for the other class he taught. People drove all the way from Savannah and Miami to attend. I mean really, it was a big deal. This guy ROCKS. We learned so many neat inking and distressing techniques in the class. It is amazing what we accomplished in a short 4 hours. Here is what we made (I am not quiet finished embellishing it yet)

Each of those patchwork pieces was made with Grungeboard (Grungeboard is gray, pliable synthetic material, similar to soft rawhide) and EACH one was embellished and inked and distressed by ME J FUN! I am not quiet finished embellishing but here is a look at my almost finished piece. Here is a look at some work in progress:

And some close-ups of the details:

On the IVF front, I am still taking my “Stimulation” medication and will continue to do so until my next Dr. Appt on Wed morning at 7:15am. I am beginning to feel like a pin cushion but it’s all good – this is the easy part. I am feeling a bit nervous this go around since they will be putting 3 embryos back this time instead of the two they did last time. I just keep telling myself that even though they put in 2 last time we ended up with ZERO babies so I suppose I should look at it that way. But HOLY MOLY if we end u p having triplets I will calling in ALL favors from ALL of you cause I am not exactly sure how we would do it. But we would, and it would be FANTASTIC! I know Sarah will be a super big sister no matter how many babies we have. I am so looking forward to her help the most.

Big Hugs to all!


Carrie said...

Hi Erika! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and following along! It has been quite a ride since we started our infertility journey long ago and this pregnancy is no different!

I am thinking all the best thoughts for your upcoming cycle- how exciting!!! I will check on you soon. :)

Lulu said...

That is gorgeous!@! :)

Allison W said...

That is awesome! Good luck with everything.

*reyanna klein* said...

Awesome! I'm SO jealous you got to take a class. Some day. :) That project looks awesome! Can't wait to see the finished project!

And good luck with the IVF! Your family will be in my prayers! :)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

All I can say is WOWZA! Your patchwork piece is beyond gorgeous! I am definitely signing up for this class if he ever comes to my town!

Zorina said...

Hi Erika,
Just read your blog 1st time today. And I have saved it now on my Favorites.

I'm dealing with Infertility also for 8yrs, and again I have started 2nd try IVF this month. Your daugher is soo cute! OMGISH! I wish you goodluck. And I WILL PRAY FOR your SUCCESS. All the terms/ words/ insights/notes you wrote....I get all of it.

Kelly Noel said...

wow, what a great pic of you and tim! glad you had a good time...the project is gorgeous!
i'm wishing you all the best in this new you guys! xoxo

Leslie said...

Very cool. Did you make me one?????
hmmmmm..Is he of the alternative lifestyle?

Run DMT said...

That is GORGEOUS! How much does that piece of Mountain {Air} Flair Art go for these days? ;-)

Call me when the triplets are 6 months old and eating solids. I'll baby-sit then. LOL j/k but not really LOL :-P God bless you, girl!