Thursday, July 23, 2009

The story will continue

As you know last year I blogged about our In-vitro fertilization process and unfortunately the end result was a sad one with me miscarrying at 10 weeks , finding out latter that the baby had Trisomy 16. BELIEVE me I know it all happens for a reason and God makes the plans not me, but that was still a tough time for us.

On a happy note, we are starting the IVF process again! So many people have asked if I would blog about it again so they can be updated on my progress. YES! I am happy to share our story if it helps someone else in the journey to conceive.

So look out tomorrow for a complete update on the progress.

On a side note.. I LOVE these pics of John and I cause Sarah actually took them. SO cute to see us through our 4 1/2 year old's eyes!

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Sarah Brown said...

I like the bike!! What a great find. I didn't know $ Tree has preg tests-- good to know if I ever need one.