Thursday, August 28, 2008

On my Mind

* My daughter has a boyfriend at 3 years old… (wait until you hear the
* I have 2 embryos attaching themselves to my uterus lining as we
speak (I am thinking positively here.)
* In 12 days I find out if I am pregnant

* Sure wish I was a speed scrapbooking, instead I am a perfectionist!
* The DAILY progesterone injections sure make my hips hurt!

In regards to #1 – Sarah wanted to send her “boyfriend" Jackson an email.
She dictated, I typed word for word:
Love Jackson from Sarah and Love from I love you so much pretty as a rose so much as a rose and i love you so much as marry. Teeth fall out when you're bigger and i love you so much as a rose and i love you so much Jackson. i love you and you boyfriend me Sarah. Sarah Jackson love you so much. And I'm going to marry you so much and lollipop. Sent mail to you once long ago. Mail me some mail for Sarah. The frogs are jumping on the lilly pad and the birdies are singing on the breeze.
I can't wait to see you Jackson.

This was Jackson’s response:
"i'm going to school tomorrow. i made a friend. if i played with ship w/andrew and then brady's coming with a humidifier. i love you so as a froggy and i love you as a rose. thank you for sending me a letter and thank you for coming. i haven't sent you a long letter but why did you whack my choo choo track down? but i can't believe i love you as a froggy. i wanna come to the zoo w/you sometime. the best thing that you want to do is come to my house and write. i love you as a rose. thank you. that's it!"

Jackson's mom, Kelly just posted on her blog too with another cute pic of them!

HOW FUNNY ARE THESE. Now that is entertainment!

On a Scrap Note
Here is one of the layouts I've completed. Notice this picture is from Oct 2006.. think I am a little behind? You can see more on my Two peas in a bucket gallery


Kelly Noel said...

definitely gonna have to scrap their freakin' funny!! :) love the flowers you added to that layout...looks great!!!

Bridgett said...

I just popped over from Leslie's blog to send you best wishes for the two new little ones! What a fantastic and wonderful time. Best of luck for an easy and healthy pregnancy.


Nicole said...

will you scrap for me??

mikky said...

they make a lovely couple... lol... saw their pic at your friend's site... truly adorable kids... :)

Joanna said...

Leslie, my favorite tart, sent us your blog link. Oh good luck on everything! Your little one is adorable. Reminds me of my daughter hen she was that age (now she is 11).

Thanks for sharing your sweetie's love affair ;)

Anonymous said...

You definitely have a romantic on your hands!



Tammy said...

I read Leslie's blog and just wanted to wish you the best of luck - sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts your way. My brother & his wife did IVF too and now my beautiful niece is 16 months old. The waiting is tough though.