Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting closer

I went to the Dr. yesterday AND today.... I am starting to actually be optimistic about all of this. Today My estrogen was 856 and my follicles that matter are at 19,17,15,13,13 mm. They said i am "almost there". I took more meds tonight and I go back in the morning. I am getting nervous and excited. Finally I feel like this is REALLY going to happen. Up to this point I kept thinking they were going to call me and cancel my cycle. So.. YEA!

Sarah and I did some scrapbook pages today. She was so cute, I should scan her pages and post them.... she was so proud!

Journaling reads: When you woke up on Easter morning and walked out of your room, you started jumping up and down and screaming "Look, the Easter Bunny left me a jellybean trail!" Grabbing an empty basket, collecting the jellybeans and following the path down the steps seemed to be the best part of your morning. The path started at your bedroom door and continued all the way down the steps to your Easter basket. It took you 45 minutes to make it to the anticipated basket and only 3 minutes to discover what was in it


Leslie said...

Now that the "Hurricane" is gone..it will happen!

Anonymous said...

I love those flowers! Did you make them?