Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yesterday I had to totally improvise what the Advent activity was. In the morning Sarah was still pretty lethargic and yucky so we stayed in the resort in our PJ's until it looked like she was feeling better. When we thought she had started to get better, we decided to head to Downtown Disney:

December 5th - Trip to downtown Disney
For a little while Sarah was fine.. enjoying "checking out the scenes"of the Lego Store, the Princess statues and the sites and sounds of the themed restaurants.
Around 1:30pm We were starved so we decided on Rainforest Cafe. Up to that point Sarah had only eaten 2 Ritz crackers all day. We got seated and Sarah went down hill quickly. All she wanted to do was go back to the hotel so we got up and left. She fell asleep on the 5 minute drive back and slept for 2 hours. When she woke up we drove back to Tampa. Our Disney weekend was a bust. Sarah was NOT happy when we went home. You gotta do what you gotta do to take care of your little ones :).


Leslie said...

mmmm..that is a really sweet picture of Sarah! Too bad she felt like crap!

Anonymous said...

We were in Downtown Disney on the 5th!! But we got there at 11:30 am so we must have missed you.

I didn't know you were going to Disney this weekend!