Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Polka Dot fun!

As I came here to post Polka Dot Whimsy June Sneaks I realized that I never posted my May PDW projects. DUH. I will post them at the end.... Here are my June sneaks. The kit is so awesome that these projects pretty much made themselves! LOVE!!!! I am so excited to see the new site. Soon… very soon!!!!

Here are my May PDW projects...... Sorry for the yuck pics. i am having serious camera issues!

Here are the beautiful June sneaks!!!!!


Zorina said...

Dang, I loved all of your creations!! Hugs to yah, Erika. Soon, you get to meet BL. I'm getting induced this weekend. Pray for me, hubby and BL!

JDS said...

I like em all, but the first May project brings back great memories of getting wet in the fast freezing water! Love ya LOML.

milkcan said...

That heart with the buttons has me super intrigued!

Briana Johnson said...

You are really really making me want that kit! I loved your flowers - you've got some awesome work!