Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweet Sarah

Today we had Sarah's 4th birthday party at my sisters. On the way there she said to John:
"Daddy, it was nice of God to give us a baby for a little while".
- She is right :)


DeniseRMT said...

OMIGOD! That put a lump in my throat. Children are amazing. It's the simplicity of their thoughts that really do teach us a greater meaning of life.

Continue to put your faith in God and trust in Him.

May God bless you each of us and help you through this difficult time. You know I love each of you so much.


Nicole said...

I second what Denise said. You have been heavy on my mind and in my heart.

mikky said...

belated happy birthday to sarah... you're truly blessed to have a sweet daughter...
no words can express what we are going through during difficult times, but God has His ways, which sometimes are not ours, what you said really made me think... true, why can't His and our ways be the same... i guess we just have to TRUST HIS HEART... i'll whisper a prayer for you...
Take care... :)